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Find inspiration to build your van

Find inspiration for your van build

Save your time with the VanBuildIdeas kit. Get a list of 200+ awesome ideas to build your van.Hand-picked by vanlifers for vanlifers ✌️

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You spend more time looking for ideas than enjoying van life. Not anymore.

Why did I built VanBuildIdeas kit?

I bought a T5 Volkswagen van to convert into a small home on wheels, I spent hours on Instagram and Pinterest looking for ideas...

I searched for ideas on how to layout my van, where to put the kitchen, the bed, and a table... I created an Airtable base with all the best ideas I could find. And now, I'm sharing it with you. 👍

How to get VanBuildIdeas kit

One-time payment for lifetime access

9 € instead of 19€

What you will get:
🚀 200+ hand-picked AWESOME ideas to build your van
🚀 Filters on multiple tags to find what you are looking for
🚀 Filters on van size so you can see appropriate ideas for yours
🚀 Lifetime access & upcoming updates (Last update 28 Aug 2022)

Rutrum tellus

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